CMAT Exam 2013 – How to Prepare for the Exam?

CMAT 2013 – Complete Guide On How to Prepare for the CMAT Exam 

Common Management Admission Test is a management exam conducted in India for students desirous of taking admission into various universities and colleges MBA programs. CMAT is conducted by AICTE and is one of the largest of its kind to admit a large number of students every year.

Let us take a look at various facets of this popular exam and how to prepare about the same.

Facts Regarding the CMAT Paper

CMAT is a computer based test wherein students are required to choose a correct option on the computer screen. Students can take the exam only when they are present at the testing center computer site and not on any computer of their choice. The exam consists of the following four sections:

  • Quantitative Aptitude and Data Interpretation
  • Logical Reasoning
  • Verbal Reasoning/Language Comprehension
  • General Awareness
  1. Each section consists of 25 questions.
  2. The duration of the exam is 180 minutes.  
  3. Students have the option to scroll among question – i.e. Move back and forth.
More  Details 
  1. Negative marking is prevalent throughout the paper, and 1 mark is deducted for every inaccurate answer.
  2. Students should acquaint themselves of the actual exam format online on the official website of Aicte (mentioned at the end of this article) to get used to the format of the exam and how the user interface works.
  3. Students should ideally start preparing for the exam 3 to 4 months before the exam.

If you have already prepared for CAT or XAT, you would find going easy in this paper. The only difference would be the general awareness section which would test the overall development of students. Expect a variable general awareness section and good reading of the newspaper, static history and magazine should see you through with ease.

Individual Sections

Let Us take a look Into Each of the Sections Individually and share crucial tips on how to prepare for each:

Quantitative Aptitude and Data Interpretation

  • For quantitative section try to acquaint yourself with as many different types of questions as you can.
  • The more familiar you are with various types of question types, the easier it will be for you to handle surprises on the exam day.
  • Some good books are mentioned by us for the preparation of students. Check out some good books. 
  • Make full of these in order to push your studies to a higher level. If you previously had MAT books, those would come in really handy too.

Logical Reasoning in CMAT

  • Picking up some puzzle books would help you in this section.
  • Shakuntala Devi is a good buy and so are various course materials. Check this book over here
  • Just like quantitative aptitude, the more you practice, the better you will get.
  • Note that colleges may have cut offs for specific sections, so it makes sense to give your best in each section.

Verbal or Language Comprehension

  1. Practice a lot of Reading Comprehension, which would be there in any preparation book.
  2. Further, lots of reading of novels, preparing the word meaning from barrons word list are going to be really handful in overall preparation.
General Awareness Section of CMAT
The general awareness section for any exam is a tricky proposition as theoretically, it has infinite syllabus.
However, if you are able to tackle this section, it can prove to be very productive. The reason is – this section takes very less time and can still give you the same marks as other sections.
There are two components of GK i.e.
  • Static GK
  • Current GK
Static GK contains questions which are based on knowledge which is static for e.g. When was Indus Valley Civilization Evacuated ? This data will not change as we know the person who found out about it. However, a question like – Who is the president of France? This falls under the purview of current GK.
Important Tip
For preparing current GK, newspapers, magazines and other mass media which keep you updated with the happenings of the real world are the best and the only option. In certain cases, you can find question papers on current GK online which can help you increase your domain knowledge. 
A Cheap book For GK
For static GK, it is best to pick up any book of Arihant, Like the One Over here (its just 25 rupees) and learn it by heart. Not only would it be helpful in this exam, but also in Bank PO and other exam of similar nature.
Preparation Tips and Strategy for the CMAT 2013 Exam
  • Firstly, start with preparation and finishing the study material. It is best to study one subject and keep switching subjects every day. This is not a hard and fast rule but would still be better to help you keep in touch with different subjects. Check out preparation material for CAT at a discount over here. 
  • Then move on to revise the important questions. This should not be tough if you have prepared for CAT exam as well, as most of the material is much easier.
  • Next Up, Start giving mock exams, review your performance and revise the topics in which you do not perform well. 
  • Note that CMAT is an exam still at a budding stage, many good colleges are expected to fall under its purview in the coming months.
Final Overview of Some of the Crucial Preparation Tips and Strategies for CMAT
  • Start Preparing early and give mock exams.
  • Buy good and reliable books. Good material helps you sustain your hard work in the right direction.
  • Recognize weak areas after taking the mock exam and start working on them to increase your score.
  • Devise a consistent study plan that is flexible and efficient.
  • Analyze your practice test properly to see your own performance.  

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